SBC Week 5: Culture and Family

APRIL 9, 2017 BY MISS W. and edited by Ms. Kojima Week 5: Culture and family How are you going getting comments from people other than your classmates? Have you received comments from overseas visitors? Has anyone in your family left a comment? Remember you might need to teach them how to leave a comment. Be […]

SBC Week 4: Global Issues

APRIL 2, 2017 BY MISS W. and edited by Ms. Kojima Week 4: Let’s look globally Alice Popkorn via Compfight What do you think are some of the worst global issues at the moment? There might be some that are more specific to your area of the world. But this week research one of the following […]

SBC Week 2: Commenting Well

MARCH 12, 2017 BY MISS W. Week 2: Learning to comment well Admin for week 2: When visiting many blogs last week, I noticed your pages in Edublogs often didn’t allow for comments to be written. You might need to do the following: Go to your about me page and open it in your dashboard. […]

SBC Week 1: Introductions

Spring 2017 Student Blogging Challenge Begins!   MARCH 5, 2017 BY MISS W. and edited by Ms. Kojima Week 1: Introductions Miss W or tasteach Whenever you see either of these avatars or images on the world wide web, you will know it is me. I am a retired teacher who began blogging with students in 2008. […]

SBC Week 10: Farewell

DECEMBER 9, 2016 BY MISS W. edited by Ms. Kojima Week 10: Farewell until March 2017 This is our last post for the Student Blogging Challenge until we start again in March 2017. Miss W hopes you have enjoyed the activities and the chance to make connections with other students and classes around the world. We have […]

SBC Week 9: Show Off

DECEMBER 4, 2016 BY MISS W. edited by Ms. Kojima Week 9: Show off Mike Trimble via Compfight So we are one week away from the end of the challenge! As some schools finish soon, Miss W will be posting the last challenge early this week instead of next weekend. Look out for it around Wednesday. […]

SBC Week 8: Community

NOVEMBER 27, 2016 BY MISS W. edited by Ms. Kojima Week 8: Community University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment via Compfight A week or so ago, Miss W took part in a global education conference. The people who presented and listened to all the sessions are part of a network of educators around […]

SBC Week 7: School

NOVEMBER 20, 2016 BY MISS W. edited by Ms. Kojima Week 7: Let’s talk school It has been interesting reading posts from students in different countries of the world. I wonder how similar or different your school day is! So this week’s theme is all about school. I am going to give you some suggestions but […]

SBC Week 6: Game Time!

NOVEMBER 13, 2016 BY MISS W. and edited by Ms. Kojima Week 6: Time to visit Hurca! via Compfight There are two activities this week and they are in the form of a game. They involve visiting other blogs, leaving quality comments and writing a post about the comments you left. FYI Out of 106 comments left […]