SBC Week 1: Introductions!

OCTOBER 1, 2017 BY MISS W.  and edited by Ms. Kojima Week 1: Let’s introduce ourselves Miss W or tasteach Whenever you see either of these avatars or images on the world wide web, you will know it is me (Miss W). I am a retired teacher who began blogging with students in 2008. I still blog with teachers and […]

Summer Reading

Florin Rosoga via Compfight Bring On the Summer [Reading]! Similarly to the regular school year, you are to read at least half an hour each day.  Don’t worry too much!  It’s different than your normal assigned reading because you can read whatever you like!  That’s right, you read correctly!  Whatever you want! Examples of whatever […]

SBC Week 10: Farewell

MAY 20, 2017 BY MISS W. and edited by Ms. Kojima Week 10: Farewell from the 18th challenge This is our last post for the Student Blogging Challenge until we start again in October 2017. Miss W hopes you have enjoyed the activities and the chance to make connections with other students and classes around […]

SBC Week 9: Improvement?

MAY 14, 2017 BY MISS W. and edited by Ms. Kojima Week 9: Have I Improved? Mike Trimble via Compfight So we are one week away from the end of the challenge. Do you think you have improved your blogging skills since you began earlier this year? Now is your chance to prove your skills!  Do at least […]

SBC Week 8: Games!

MAY 7, 2017 BY MISS W. and edited by Ms. Kojima Week 8: Games and more games Hurca! via Compfight There are two activities this week and they are in the form of a game. They involve visiting other blogs, leaving quality comments and writing a post about the comments you left. Before playing the games, make […]

SBC Week 7: Footprints

BY MISS W. and edited by Ms. Kojima This week we are talking about our digital footprint. Being connected with all this technology means everyone is leaving a digital footprint. You need to complete at least one of the green activities.  Activity 1. Watch the following 2 videos then leave a comment on Miss W’s post about something that […]

SBC Week 6: What to Write About

APRIL 23, 2017 BY MISS W. and edited by Ms. Kojima Week 6: What To Write About?? Pedro Luna Guillen via Compfight In a couple of weeks, we will be playing a commenting game. But you need to get prepared for this. Make sure you have at least 5 other student blogs linked on the sidebar of […]