Summer Reading

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Bring On the Summer [Reading]!

Similarly to the regular school year, you are to read at least half an hour each day.  Don’t worry too much!  It’s different than your normal assigned reading because you can read whatever you like!  That’s right, you read correctly!  Whatever you want!

Examples of whatever you would like:

  • novels
  • audiobooks
  • newspapers
  • online articles (like Newsela)
  • graphic novels
  • comic books (yes, even comic books)
  • pamphlets from a museum
  • magazines
  • word questions on IXL
  • biographies

Keep track of what you’ve read by filling out the blank journal that you was handed out before school ended.
Your journals are expected to be completed (all pages filled) and you will present your journal when you return to school.  This will be your very first language arts grade for the school year.  

What do you need to put in your journal?  
The possibilities are endless (here are just a few):

  • list of books you liked and another for ones you didn’t like
  • pictures you drew about the book (just include the title and author)
  • printed, cut, and pasted book reviews
  • printed, cut, and pasted book covers
  • book reviews/ summaries/ favorite parts that you wrote
  • quotes worth quoting


  • Make a book club! Join up with people who like the same kinds of books you do to make it more interesting.
  • Create rewards for yourself with each book (or set number of books completed)
  • Borrow books rather than buying them (unless your parents allow you to): Overdrive, Hawaii State Public Library System
  • Sign up for free summer reading programs to get free books!

Recommended Book Lists

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